CIRC’UIT is a network of organisations that share a passion for outdoor circus. CIRC’UIT is a platform for dialogue and exchange for the circus sector. CIRC’UIT’s collective aim is to encourage the development of this art form.

Artistic work outside the traditioal “black box” can lower barriers connect and engage a wide and diverse public. CIRC’UIT wants to focus attention on the strenght and beauty of this binding force.

The network’s partners pool their knowledge and experience to create and distribute outdoor circus performances in a sustainable and coordinated manner.

Cirque Plus (Bruges), Miramiro (Ghent) and CIRK! (Aalst) are the founding members of CIRC’UIT.

February 2021: Start CIRC’UIT … A 2 MÈTRES

We immediately put our money where our mouth is and take on Jesse Huygh’s ‘A 2 MÈTRES’ as our first project.

Besides being an interesting artistic project, A 2 Mètres is a symbolic choice in these times of social distancing.

Professional acrobat, Jesse suffers from cystic fibrosis. He is working with Rocio Garotte, to create a performance on the Chinese pole about the distance we have had to maintain over the last year.

Two metres is also the maximum distance Jesse can put between himself and his oxygen tank. Their performance will be a tribute to all those who have to overcome such obstacles on a daily basis. Eventually, we’d like to take the performance to hospitals and retirement homes.

But, to start with, we will be presenting it at our festivals in 2021. The mobile version will follow in 2022.

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Cirque Plus is an annual festival with the focus on outdoor circus

° Cirque Plus offers performance opportunities during the festival and during the cultural community work project ‘Uitwijken’.

° Cirque Plus also creates and supports socio-artistic circus.

° Cirque Plus is a Brugge Plus vzw project.

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Miramiro is a workplace that:

° supports and guides creation processes by offering residencies and try-out opportunities, etc.

° works in site-specific locations and in the open air,

° boasts an extensive national and international network,

° provides opportunities to present work at, for example, the annual summer festival.

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CIRK! is a highly accessible annual festival. Its expertise lies in:

° presenting work in the public space,

° the logistics, ect. of mounting larger productions,

° mobilizing test audiences for try-outs.

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How does it (net)work?

° Experiences are currently exchanged at network meetings.

° In time, we will also share these experiences with potential partner organisations, circus artists/companies and the general public. 

° In the first instance, CIRC’UIT initially focuses on Belgian organisations with an interest in circus, looking to support the creation and distribution of open-air circus performances. In the longer term, we will bring in international partners. 

° Each partner contributes his/her own expertise.  

° Each partner makes an annual financial investment in the network. These funds are used primarily to support new productions but partly also to cover overheads.

° Each partner undertakes to participate in consultative meetings and in selection interviews

° CIRC’UIT has internal rules and regulations to which all members must adhere.  

° To apply for membership of CIRC’UIT, simply send an email to info@circuscircuit.eu

° Each application will be discussed among members at the first meeting following receipt of the email.

Support for artists

The support needed is assessed by members on a project-by-project basis before a special support package is put in place. 

The possibilities include: 

° a co-production in the form of financial support for its creation;

° a residency c/o one of the partner organisations;

° try-outs in the presence of a test audience and/or professionals;

° performance opportunities at the various festivals and other events;

° the backing of a quality label for subsidizers, governments and other impresarios;

° production and artistic advice.

Selection criteria for supporting productions

°  A fully-fledged, circus arts production. 

° An open-air creation.

° Young work (the work is young, not necessarily the artist).

° The artist/company agrees to name CIRC’UIT as the co-producer in their communications. 

Selection procedure

° There is no fixed deadline. An artist/company can submit a proposal at any time. 

° There is no specific application form. Present your idea on (max.) one A4 sheet and email it to: info@circuscircuit.eu or to a member of the network.  

° A decision will be made on the basis of the proposal and a discussion with the artist(s) concerned.


CIRC’UIT is an initiative of Cirk! Aalst, Cirque Plus, De Warande, Miramiro and UP with support from Vlaanderen.