Cirque Plus is an annual festival with the focus on outdoor circus.

→ Offers performance opportunities during the festival and during the cultural community work project ‘Uitwijken’.

→ Creates and supports socio-artistic circus.

→ Is a Brugge Plus vzw project.

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Miramiro is a workplace that:

→ Supports and guides creation processes by offering residencies and try-out opportunities, etc.

→ Works in site-specific locations and in the open air.

→ Boasts an extensive national and international network.

→ Provides opportunities to present work at, for example, the annual summer festival.

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CIRK! is a highly accessible annual festival. Its expertise lies in:

→ Presenting work in the public space.

→ The logistics, ect. of mounting larger productions.

→ Mobilizing test audiences for try-outs.

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UP – Circus & Performing Arts [formerly Espace Catastrophe] is a performance & artistic venue situated in the heart of Brussels. 

→ Developing a mission focused on actions in the realm of creation, production & project diffusion.

6000 m2 of space for any & all possibilities.

→ Skills & Competency center.

→ Artistic Project Incubator.

Place for discovery, mediation, meetings & exchanges

Biennial Brussels Circus Festival.

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Chassepierre is the oldest International Street Arts Festival in Europe and the largest in the Walloon-Brussels Federation: 

→ 2 days of festival in August

→ 50 professional companies

→ 25 000 visitors

→ in one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

→ collaborations: The Green Carpet – La Marche des Philosophes en Gaume

→ year-round residency for companies in creation

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Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof supports circus authors and artists: 

→ in creating and sharing their work

→ by offering the know-how and the possibilities for creations in the ring, location projects, and interventions in public space

→ with a stage during the yearly festival ‘Theater op de Markt’

→ by engaging connections with an audience

→ collaborations: The Green Carpet – La Marche des Philosophes en Gaume

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Plein de Cirque is an annual circus festival in Turnhout: 

→ Two-day circus festival with out- and indoor (tent and black box) shows.

→ With each year a focus on a circus artist or circus company.

→ Presents the broad spectrum of circus, from performative to widely accessible.

→ Plein de Cirque is supported by Flanders and De Warande.

→ Collaboration with ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, NL).

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Latitude 50 Centre for Circus and Street Arts and Scenic Centre

→ Supports circus and street art artist through the creation process with residency space, guidance in the creation process (pre-production, writing, set ups design…). 

→ Mobilizing test audiences for try-outs. 

→ Offers performance opportunities in Marchin all year long in our outside and inside venues and during the free annual festival ‘Les Unes Fois d’un Soir’ in Huy.  

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CIRC’UIT is an initiative of CIRK! Aalst, Cirque Plus, Chassepierre, De Warande, Dommelhof, Latitude 50, Miramiro and UP with support from Flanders.