The CIRC’UIT Network supports the following productions:

© Michel Wathieu

© Toon Van Gramberen
© Sarah Vanheuverzwijn
© Sarah Vanheuverzwijn
© Jean Lambert
© Marc Lahore

Compagnie Barks / Bastien Dausse (FR) with the creation ‘MOON’

Bastien Dausse first explored circus and acrobatics at the Bordeaux Circus School. He then moved to the Académie Fratellini, specialising in acro dance, while studying with Lin Yung-Biau at the École des Arts Chinois du Spectacle. Bastien has launched his own contemporary circus troupe, Compagnie Barks, in fulfilment of his deep desire to play with gravity. Equilibrium and disequilibrium are central to his work: playing with gravity by juxtaposing acrobatic material with other genres including scenography, sculpture, science and more. Bastien Dausse wants to shake up the laws of physics and question our relationship with everyday life.

MOON is far from a traditional performance, it is a vivid, lively and acrobatic display. A Cabinet of Curiosities filled with anti-gravity devices, around which short performances each lasting about ten minutes will take place. A unique dramaturgy will be devised for each location. The audience will be led around a path specially created for each performance site. The performances will unfold as they wander around the space, somewhat in the style of the tour of a museum.

→ CIRC’UIT supports the creation of a new installation “Walking on the wall” (working title). 

→ Type of support: Financial coproduction, residency, programming. 

Artistic team: 

→ Concept and execution: Bastien Dausse, Julieta Salz, Alvaro Valdès & Carla Farreny

→ Lighting design: Juliette Delfosse 

→ Engineering: Clément Mathieu, Joseph Mourier, Côme Poupinel  
→ External view: Satchie Noro 

→ Construction installations: Pierre-Yves Aplincourt, Oliver Zimmermann, Sébastien Leman (Association La Molette) 

→ Costumes: Raffaëlle Bloch 

UP – Circus & Performing Arts (BE), Espace Périphérique – Paris
La Villette (FR), le CCN de Créteil (FR), La Verrerie d’Alès – Pôle National Cirque Occitanie (FR), Le Mans Fait son Cirque (FR), Animakt (BE), Les Noctambules – Lieu de Fabrique (FR), Latitude 50 (BE), Le Vaisseau (FR) & CIRC’UIT, Network for Outdoor Circus (BE)

Info → moon

Samuel Rhyner (CH) with ‘La Vieille Souche’

Samuel Rhyner studied circus and performance art at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Tilburg, The Netherlands). His speciality is acrobatic dance but he is also a skilled juggler and performer on the Cyr Wheel. In his free time he loves to play the piano and compose music. A multi-talented artist!

Set in a distant and sinister future, in “La Vieille Souche” (The Old Tree Stump) we encounter Trebor, a tree in a pot, and Robert, an acro dancer. Interconnected and leaning together, the two entities live synchronously, each supporting the other during the acrobatic dialogue. The two characters are united in an embrace. The audience are then invited to plant Trebor, in or around the performance space.

“La Vieille Souche is an ode to life with all its absurdities, and to the walnut tree in the garden of the house where I grew up; a tree which held not only my first treehouse but also the first troubles of my heart, and which still proudly bears the scars from my rope swings.” (Samuel Rhyner)

→ Type of support: Financial coproduction, residency, programming. 

→ Première in autumn 2023.

Artistic team: 

→ Summer oak: Trebor Quercus Robur

→ Artist: Samuel Rhyner

→ Assistance dramaturgy: Franka Tremblay
→ Choreographic advice: Piet Van Dycke

→ Photography: William Blenkin

→ External view: Adele Didelez, Saphia Loizeau, Samantha
Cunningham, Myriam Jarmarche 

→ Manufacturing prototype advice: Frédéric Barman

→ Musical advice: Pierrick Bacher

→ Scenographic advice: Sammy Van Den Heuvel

→ Set construction: Martin Baarda, Luc Cauwenberghs

→ Lighting design: Bart Verzellenberg

→ Costume advice: Menno Boerdam

CIRC’UIT, netwerk voor outdoor circus (BE), Etincelles de Culture (Valais, CH), Les Payenkes Utopistes (CH), deRUIMTE (Leuven, BE), Mira miro (Gent, BE), Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof (Neerpelt, BE), UP – Circus & Performing Arts (Brussels, BE), Tent (Amsterdam, NL), Panama pictures (’s Hertogenbosch, NL),  Cirklabo (Leuven, BE), Buro Piket (NL) 

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© Jakob Rosseel

Circ Rodini presents ‘The Amazing Katleen’

The acrobat begins her perfect handstand act with poise. But sadly, one blunder follows another and soon her perfect smile is replaced by a frustrated frown. Can “The Amazing Katleen” turn things round and live up to her name? 
An ode to the circus from the past with a contemporary twist and a dash of humour.  

Katleen Ravoet is not just a professional circus artist but also the mother of twins with a rare genetic disorder. Add a pandemic and it seemed her career might be over… until she saw an opportunity to immerse herself in the history of the circus. She set off on a journey of self-reflection and acceptance, gaining the courage and strength to launch this new creation.  

→ Type of support: Financial coproduction, residency, programming.  


→ Written and presented by: Katleen Ravoet 

→ (Artistic) coaching: Bram Dobbelaere, Aurelia Brailowsky 

→ (Technical) coaching: Lucien Beautour, Gina Giovanni 

→ Dramaturgy and costume: Aline Breucker 

→ Scenario: Davide Salodini 


→ Produced with the support of the Flemish government. 

→ Co-producers: Cirklabo, Circ’uit. 

→ Residencies: Cirklabo, Mira Miro, UP, Espace CAR Ath, Cirkus Salto. 

→ +32 (0)485 34 41 63


In 2022, Circ’uit will support a new open-air creation by Piet Van Dycke: Exit.

In a large, impressive installation with a rotating wall and floating doors, four individuals move through space. They arrive and depart, meet and leave, appear and disappear.  

Choreographer Piet Van Dycke invited four circus artists for this performance, each specialising in a different discipline (bascule, straps, trapeze and acrobatics). The theme is also applicable here: four individual disciplines in one collective language. The entrances and exits of the location will be played with. Various (escape) routes will be selected which will be used during the performance.   

Characteristic for Van Dycke’s work is the fusion of dance and circus, which results in wordless circus/dance performances, for young and old.

→ Concept and choreography: Piet Van Dycke 

→ Performers: Luuk Brantjes, Will Blenkin, Christopher Mc Auley, Samuel Rhyner 


Video (work in progress):

→ Booking Belgium: Thassos: Ruth Bresseleers  

→ International Bookings & The Netherlands: Buro Piket:   

→ Type of support: Financial coproduction, residency, programming.  

A 2 Mètres is the very first creation supported by Circ’uit. It is not only a strong artistic proposal but also a beautiful symbolic choice in these times marked by the 2 metres social distancing.    

Jesse Huygh is not only a professional acrobat but also suffers from cystic fibrosis. Together with Rocio Garotte, he created a performance around the Chinese mast about the distance we have had to guard for months. Two metres is also the maximum distance Jesse can take from his oxygen apparatus. Their performance is a tribute to everyone who overcomes the obstacles on their path every day. 

The ultimate goal is to bring the performance to hospitals and retirement homes to offer hope and joy to those who, whether forced or not, keep their distance. 

The fixed performance could be seen at our festivals in 2021. In 2022 the mobile version will follow, mounted on a converted van.


→ Website and contact: 

→ Type of support: Financial co-production, residency, programming.

CIRC’UIT is an initiative of CIRK! Aalst, Cirque Plus, Chassepierre, Plein de Cirque, Dommelhof, Latitude 50, Miramiro and UP with support from Flanders.