The Circ’uit Network supports the following productions:

In 2022, Circ’uit will support a new open-air creation by Piet Van Dycke: Exit.

In a large, impressive installation with a rotating wall and floating doors, four individuals move through space. They arrive and depart, meet and leave, appear and disappear.  

Choreographer Piet Van Dycke invited four circus artists for this performance, each specialising in a different discipline (bascule, straps, trapeze and acrobatics). The theme is also applicable here: four individual disciplines in one collective language. The entrances and exits of the location will be played with. Various (escape) routes will be selected which will be used during the performance.   

Characteristic for Van Dycke’s work is the fusion of dance and circus, which results in wordless circus/dance performances, for young and old.

→ Concept and choreography: Piet Van Dycke 

→ Performers: Luuk Brantjes, Will Blenkin, Christopher Mc Auley, Samuel Rhyner 


Video (work in progress):

→ Booking Belgium: Thassos: Ruth Bresseleers  

→ International Bookings & The Netherlands: Buro Piket:   

→ Type of support: Financial coproduction, residency, programming.  

A 2 Mètres is the very first creation supported by Circ’uit. It is not only a strong artistic proposal but also a beautiful symbolic choice in these times marked by the 2 metres social distancing.    

Jesse Huygh is not only a professional acrobat but also suffers from cystic fibrosis. Together with Rocio Garotte, he created a performance around the Chinese mast about the distance we have had to guard for months. Two metres is also the maximum distance Jesse can take from his oxygen apparatus. Their performance is a tribute to everyone who overcomes the obstacles on their path every day. 

The ultimate goal is to bring the performance to hospitals and retirement homes to offer hope and joy to those who, whether forced or not, keep their distance. 

The fixed performance could be seen at our festivals in 2021. In 2022 the mobile version will follow, mounted on a converted van.


→ Website and contact: 

→ Type of support: Financial co-production, residency, programming.

CIRC’UIT is an initiative of Cirk! Aalst, Cirque Plus, De Warande, Miramiro and UP with support from Vlaanderen.