Wanted: Circus creation for open air!

Do you have an idea or plans to create a new circus show? And is it for outdoor? Then CIRC’UIT might be something for you.  

CIRC’UIT is Cirque Plus, CIRK!, UP (former Espace Catastrophe), Miramiro, Plein de Cirque (De Warande), Chassepierre, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof and Latitude 50. We share a passion for artistic work in public space and we are joining forces to stimulate the development of this circus form.  What are we offering? Financial support, residency opportunities, possibilities for try-outs and a place on our events.  

What do you need to do? Simple. Send a short introduction of yourself or your cie and the plans for the new creation on maximum A4, together with a project budget to If our curiosity gets sparked, we’ll plan a more elaborate (online) talk with each other.  No deadlines, no complicated procedures.  

Want to know more about CIRC’UIT? Go to – specific questions  

December 2021: 
Circ’uit is expanding!

Circ’uit is expanding! The Brussels-based UP – Circus & Performing Arts (formerly Espace Catastrophe) and Plein de Cirque – the circus festival of De Warande Turnhout – have joined the network. With these two new partners, we continue to work on our most important goal: offering support to artists who create open-air circus performances. In the meantime, we continue to look for interesting partners and artists. You can read all about it on the website.

November 2021: 1 new project

Circ’uit supports the creation of EXIT by Piet Van Dycke in 2022. In a large, impressive installation with a rotating wall and floating doors, four individuals move through space. They arrive and depart, meet and leave, appear and disappear. Choreographer Piet Van Dycke invites four circus artists for this exciting and physical circus and dance performance where movement, partner acrobatics and balance board come together.  

→ View all our projects here.

February 2021: Start CIRC’UIT … A 2 MÈTRES

We immediately put our money where our mouth is and take on Jesse Huygh‘s ‘A 2 MÈTRES’ as our first project.

Besides being an interesting artistic project, A 2 Mètres is a symbolic choice in these times of social distancing. Professional acrobat, Jesse suffers from cystic fibrosis. He is working with Rocio Garotte, to create a performance on the Chinese pole about the distance we have had to maintain over the last year.

Two metres is also the maximum distance Jesse can put between himself and his oxygen tank. Their performance will be a tribute to all those who have to overcome such obstacles on a daily basis. Eventually, we’d like to take the performance to hospitals and retirement homes.

But, to start with, we will be presenting it at our festivals in 2021. The mobile version will follow in 2022.

Watch the video here

CIRC’UIT is an initiative of CIRK! Aalst, Cirque Plus, Chassepierre, Plein de Cirque, Dommelhof, Latitude 50, Miramiro and UP with support from Flanders.